Hanging out at the Dairy

Hanging out at the Dairy
Darci(far left) & the Wrights at the Creamery

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dinner before basketball game

So have to rush dinner tonight and make it light as hubby and oldest son are playing hoops tonight and basketball is a family affair at Chez Ulin! So I grab some of this cabbage, a leek and some carrots I bought from Nash's Store on Sunday and gave the cabbage a fine chop, the carrots a shred on my box shredder & into the large salad bowl. Then I chopped off the root of the leek and most of in future), halved the white part of the leek , chopped finely and gave a big rinse in colander. They joined the cabbage and were tossed liberally with Sunny Farms' Ranch Dressing (a HUGE favorite of the Ulin men!) and we have our quick, healthy, anti oxidant coleslaw:) 

The beans with smoked ham hocks were just as easy! I started them 1st actually...then did the coleslaw. 

Soaked some dried white navy beans from Sunny Farms' Othello Farm during lunch hour in water so that they were softened when I got home from work. Into my Rikhon Kuhn 5 qt. pressure cooker( in the top 5 items in my MUST HAVE TOOLS list!) and grabed the frozed ham hocks (also Sunny Farms) out of my freezer, covered beans/ham w/ water and added 2 dried bay leaves,  2 T dried cumin, 4 cloves/toes fresh garlic, several cracks of fresh ground peper and 15 minutes later on medium-low heat, we had a quick bean dish! Took out the ham bones, mashed the ham and garlic toes and we were eating a low fat, healthy and quick dinner! Off to hoops we go:)

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