Hanging out at the Dairy

Hanging out at the Dairy
Darci(far left) & the Wrights at the Creamery

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Southwest dinner in 15 minutes or less!

All the fixings for spicing up the sandwiches

Sometimes you don't have to compromise to be quick, healthy and SUPER tasty! I have a few "go-to" tricks when our busy schedules of juggling meetings, work, sports, homework and all that life brings. One such trick is to snap up a Costco Roasted Chicken and reinvent it! Tonight, I felt like taking it in the Southwest direction and using BBQ sauce, spicy Buffalo Cheddar cheese (also from Costco0, fresh cilantro, avocado, tomato, onion and pickled jalapeƱo.

The adults prefer onions on their sandwiches

Fast, warm and yummy...these sandwiches can be whipped up in 15 minutes or less! Preheat broiler while slicing open the ciabatta rolls (also from Costco this time) and then slicing the chicken, cheese and onion. The onions aren't necessary but my husband and I like the kick they give the sandwich. Drizzle with your favorite BBQ sauce and place under the broiler until cheese is melted and bubbly.

Just out of the broiler and ready to eat!

Now at this point, you can simply gobble up the cheese and chicken sandwiches OR...you can choose to embellish them further. Yes, I chose to go spicier...you know me too well!

The finished sandwich with all the spicy fixings

A side few of the warm, spicy, fresh chicken sandwich

 This was my actual dinner last night! I don't often stage my food, although my husband and son feel like I take FOREVER sometimes snapping pics before I serve dinner. "Mom, can we PLEASE eat now?!" he pleads. Or more often, "Can we eat this while it's still hot?!" So, I often serve them and snap MY dinner plate while they chomp away. See, we CAN have our dinner and take pictures of it too!

Open wide!
Whew! That was a blissfully fast and flavorful dinner that made everyone happy. (Queue trumpets please)
Da-da-daaaa! Natural, hormone free, inexpensive Costco roasted chicken saves the day!

Use your time wisely, especially when a hungry family can turn on you quickly! Think Costco Roasted Chicken and reinvent it. It's not cheating, it's another inexpensive tool in your growing bag of time saving tricks. 

Chow for now my friends!

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