Hanging out at the Dairy

Hanging out at the Dairy
Darci(far left) & the Wrights at the Creamery

Friday, February 24, 2012

Finding The Lovely part 4

Hello my friends, 
This is my 2nd week participating in the Finding the Lovely endeavor. This innovative project was started by Kimberly Taylor and Jeanne Oliver, two talented bloggers, who wanted to share SmartPhone photos every Friday in February.

Cupcakes, Fruits, veggies, family, art, Florence, Italy, flowers, Spring weather via iPhone, Instagram and PhotoShake

It's actually the last week to my knowledge and the 4th week in February where bloggers can share their "lovely" moments they captured by being present and seeking out the beauty/curious/interesting around them in their world. It's a celebration of living really!

Dungeness crabs on ice via iPhone, Instagram & ToonCamera
I've enjoyed every moment of my two weeks as it's brought me to a heightened awareness of the beauty all around us. Simple things and more complex but taking the time to take a photo of it...of course then I'm also having too much fun "tweaking" it with some newer Apps.

New Rhododendron blossoms via iPhone, Hipstagram & Instagram
For instance, my trip to the local grocery this morning (out of milk for coffee and eggs) brought on many colorful opportunity to commemorate as I parked next to this Rhody newly in bloom.

A sun break through the Spring rain via iPhone & Instagram
I snapped this sepia pic at the stoplight when the sun FINALLY blazed out of the rainclouds for a brief moment. My car window was still soaked from the last squall that had blown threw.

Juniper shrub berries via iPhone & Instagram

Also at the grocery store, next to the Rhody bush brought the Juniper bush with new chartreuse growth, blue berries and grayish buds. The variety of textures were interesting to me, so a pic was snapped.

son Alan with Instagram & ToonCamera

This photo of my son was taken by friend and professional photographer Ann Lindsay. I took a pic with my iPhone of it and then Instagram and ToonPhoto, the result is grainy and yet still retains my son's demeanor at age 4 captured by Ann.

Jersey cow vs. friend Preston
via iPhone & Instagram

The ultimate stare down...man vs. beast at the Dungeness Creamery Dairy. My girlfriend and I had met there with our 3 kids to run around the barns, checking out the cows and calves. Preston had found his match with this heifer waiting to be fed and feeling surly. This is one of my fave pics of all time!

Colored sugar sprinkles on Alan's team cupcakes
via iPhone, Hipstamatic and Instagram

This was my son and his Sequim Youth Basketball League's last week of play so we had a small Awards ceremony on Wednesday to say some kind words, give out our handcrafted certificates. As team mom, I made some chocolate cupcakes with chocolate butter cream frosting and colored sugar sprinkles. As I was shaking on the sprinkles, the sun suddenly beamed through my kitchen window and made the colors ignite. In a "I've had entirely too much sugar frosting" kind of way, they reminded me of stained glass windows and I grabbed my iPhone, snap! I Found The Lovely in a simple sprinkled cupcake.

One of my yummy nieces saying 'Good bye'  at a family birthday
 via Instagram

Here's to the many lovely moments that make up our lives. Woven together and bleeding into each other's, it's a rich tapestry if we take the time to see it that way! Thanks for playing with me in the "Lovely".

Chow for now my friends!


kimberly said...

I am so happy that you have joined us! Your images are absolutely lovely. However, after waking up to a mini-blizzard this morning, I am noticing that your photos look a whole lot more springy than it is here! I am envious of your farm visit - I may need to take a road trip over and visit!
Have a marvelous weekend,

C'est Darci said...

I'd LOVE for you to come anytime you want Kimberly! You and your friends have truly inspired me to become a more consistant blogger with, hopefully, pleasing images. Spring here in Sequim has been really volatile like in other parts of the world, minus the floods and heat waves! Thanks for the kind words Kimberly!