Hanging out at the Dairy

Hanging out at the Dairy
Darci(far left) & the Wrights at the Creamery

Monday, August 1, 2011

A trip for the memory bank

chillin' on our upper deck
I found the elusive summer sun last week in Eastern WA! It was beyond glorious, it was therapeutic! The dry air, the warmth, the sun and refreshing water. My son and I met some friends at Crescent Bar and felt like our summer finally arrived in late July!

our swimming hole on the Columbia River

one of the boat launches 

Looking for sunken treasure in our pool

Alan and friends getting ready to hit the river

My friend Shelly, her son Harrison and my son Alan

Drew, Harrison and son Alan after being out on the jet ski
friends Drew and Lauren having their turn on the jet ski

Alan and I racing, well I was anyway:)

We spent most days on the water, both on the river and in pools, all equally refreshing. Cannonball contests and super soaker fights, jet skiing and paddle boards, refreshing dunks.

Another bonus of Eastern Washington living was the glorious Mexican food! I ate myself silly!!! You didn't think it was all about the sunshine did you?! Not with this foodie, food is always looming...

We stopped to see the campus at Central Washington University in Ellensburg and spied this "Taco Truck" as we passed.  It looked promising and there was already a line of people waiting for the vendor to open.

I ordered a pork Huarache, a thick, oval, corn tortilla of sorts with Queso Fresco, fresh tomato and lettuce on top. Home made rice and beans came with, I could taste the beans were cooked in a crockery pot because of their heavily, earthy background flavor.

I tried to take a "before" picture of Alan's beef enchilada but he was even hungrier than I was and demolished it! We really enjoyed the "guacamole sauce" he served in the green squeeze bottle, the consistency of salad dressing and with a kick of heat! Delicious and only $8 for both lunches...nice!

 When we got closer to Crescent Bar, we stopped in Quincy at their General Store. Their signage advertised a bakery, homemade tortillas and a butcher departments...they had me at homemade tortillas! HELLO! My first stop of many there was our first night's dinner of pork tamales, their crazy-good pico de gallo salsa, and Mexican sour cream.

dining on the patio
The Mexican sour cream was addictive to say the least, thinner and less tangy than the American version. We managed to plow threw at least a pint per day and another one of salsa given the 4 hungry kids and 2 or 3 adults able to eke out a chip or two in the midst of the kids' feeding frenzy.

Their fresh tortillas of corn or flour were also amazing! We had tacos almost every night there, why not?!
my third taco! oh my...
Alas, it was time to return home again. We stopped again on our way home to load up on our goodies as we don't get many of these items at home in Sequim.  

late day sun

Alan and Alisha racing in pool, me reading poolside

Summer sun in Crescent Bar
Our cars and coolers full, we headed out back on the road again. What a trip for the memory bank. I was blessed to spend time with such great friends, laughing at the pool, watching the kids play together, reading a good book, fun on the water and of course, savouring great food finds!

Shelly and I watching the kids on the water
Here's to soaking in as much summer as we can and celebrating the seasonal, regional cuisines!
Chow for now friends!

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