Hanging out at the Dairy

Hanging out at the Dairy
Darci(far left) & the Wrights at the Creamery

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who wants ice cream?

Silly question...but I asked it anyway. I picked up my son and his friend after school today and asked the rhetorical question "who wants ice cream?" Their faces lit up, they went crazy! This is another reason why I LOVE being a Mom.
We drove down the street from their school to The Old Post Office Sweets and Gifts in Carlsborg, just outside of Sequim.

"It's waffle cone Wednesday Mom!" my son announced from the backseat of my car...life just keeps getting better for this threesome! The boys pile out of the car and race into the store. Lisa, the new shop owner, greets us warmly. The whole store smells of waffle cones, sweet with a hint of vanilla.  The boys choose a colorful "Sour Splash" sorbet, in a waffle cone no less!
The boys DEVOURED their treats with such gusto, Lisa and I had to smile. Sometimes simple pleasures remind you of what's important in life...like MY Marion berry Swirl cone-LOL!
Several more friends wandered in after we ordered. Ileana had the Super Chocolate on a waffle cone. She was shaking with anticipation:)

Her friend had fresh Apple Crisp right out of the oven...probably another reason the shop smelled heavenly!

Lisa is just as thrilled as her customers seem to be about her goodies, "I get to bake all morning and visit with people! The baked goods practically fly out the door the day I make them!" She had us listening contently as we savoured our treats. "This is such a nice town! Practically every family in Carlsborg has stopped by to wish me 'Welcome'! We could tell she felt contented here in her new shop as more friends from school walked in...one of the boys' teachers and his daughters. "It's like a party in here!" said the youngest child as we all ate and chatted. As if Lisa couldn't have been paid a higher compliment!
As we were saying our goodbyes to our fellow "party goers", Lisa gave us each a white chocolate peanut cluster she made just a few minutes earlier...they were still soft.  Toasty, creamy and gone! We left The Old Post Office Sweets and Gifts, Lisa and our friends feeling blessed to have simple pleasures in our lives.

Be well and find your simple pleasures my friends!

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