Hanging out at the Dairy

Hanging out at the Dairy
Darci(far left) & the Wrights at the Creamery

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A new era at Nash's Store

a friendly sign to greet customers
I love to see a dream come true and today it did for many of the team at Nash's Organic Produce! Their "new" store is open for business in it's newly renovated space, just down from their original location in the Dungeness area in Sequim, Washington.

It's bright and cheery, clean yet cozy and full of yummy natural and organic treats to temp us all into eating healthfully and locally.

the front of the store
The "candy" part of the store for me started in the parking lot...just look at all this fresh produce beckoning us to take it home and make something yummy out of them?! I feel myself weakening...

An abundance of produce, often locally grown.

Fresh fruits, often regional available. Consulting cookbook, optional.
The colorful displays continue inside the store! I snapped up some white peaches and a cantaloupe.

 Even the paint colors for the walls were deliberately selected to bring a reference to food, nature and their positive energy on us shoppers. Eggplant, celery, sunflower yellow, chocolate and apricot hues bathe the walls and columns. The many large windows throughout the store also cut down on the amount of fluorescent lights used. The older I get, the more I appreciate natural light...it's much truer and kinder to the eyes. People and food always appear much fresher in my estimation!

the indoor produce display
My son is beyond their "play area" now but there was a time that we both would have LOVED that space for him to entertain himself while I shopped in peace! Each stage in life brings it's joys and challenges... Now he helps me cook. It's a special time for us to connect and talk when we're in the kitchen.
a children's reading and play area is taking shape
If you have a green thumb, there are many heirloom, rare and specialty seeds which are selected to thrive in our region. My green thumb has faded some since starting to Blog but maybe someday I'll feel the pull again to scratch in the dirt again.

heirloom and organic seeds to grow your own
 If you need to consult a resource or buy a book, you have many options in this section to choose from! This was a challenge for me to walk away without ANOTHER cookbook in hand.  I'm trying to wean myself...how many can I really use?!

a resource library as well as a book store
I saw many of my friends from Nash's today; Ellen, Mary, Margie and their lovely chef/culinary expert to chat with, give hugs and congratulate on the launch of this collective dream. There is more progress to come they shared; projects to complete, inventory yet to arrive, artwork to create. It's a work in progress and really, aren't we all?! I know I'm still working on a few things myself (I smile as I type this sentiment).

It's about having your dreams and then making them come true my friends. Life is the journey, strap on your seat belts and enjoy the ride!

Nash's sign greets all who pass the store
Congratulations to my friends at Nash's for their opening of their lovely store and in inspiring us to pursue OUR dreams by watching you all go after yours!

Chow for now my friends!

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