Hanging out at the Dairy

Hanging out at the Dairy
Darci(far left) & the Wrights at the Creamery

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My pilgrimege to CB's Nuts

I felt like there should have been a large gong rung or a queue for the choir to sing as I FINALLY visited CB's Nuts store and roasting plant in Kingston, WA last weekend! The desire to stop was always there but never great timing...always rushing to catch a ferry to Edmonds. This trip, with no husband with me and son was asleep (and couldn't protest beforehand), I stopped at CB's Nuts...

The store is charmingly personal, petite and well stocked! I've only purchased their organic Peanut Butter before (that I can grind myself at my local Sequim grocer Sunny Farms) and was THRILLED to find so many other of their products that were new to me! They had roasted almond, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, locally made peanut butter cookies featuring their peanut butter and MUCH more.

 Immediately, I selected a pint of fresh roasted cashews for husband Brad, it was Father's Day the next day after all and would be a thinly veiled guise as to my visit and purchases.

For another Father's Day present, the friendly store clerk Tara ground a pint of organic Peanut Butter for my Dad. He's always been a PB lover but CB's puts his favorite Crunchy Jiff to shame! I hate to even use the two companies in the same sentence but there is room at the PB table for many options. I just happen to think that CB's is the purerest, freshest and highest quality product that this palate has been lucky enough to savor.
Darci proudly poses with her Father's Day souvenir for her Dad

Alan shot these photos of their various gift bag selections available online http://cbsnuts.com/
and at their store.

My only regret for this blog is that "smell-o-vision" hasn't been created for the Internet yet...if it was, you would be enraptured by the nutty perfume of their store and adjoining roasting plant! It was NIRVANA for this nut lover as they were actually roasting while I was there...Tara let us have a peek from the steps of the roasting plant, use your imagination here...if peanut's had a heaven...this is where it is!

How much do I love CB's Nuts? (previous blog) featured these cookies I make using their peanut butter. For this foodie and blogger, it is an immense pleasure to have fine local ingredients to cook/bake with and even more fun to visit their source(s) and those who create them.

I hope you enjoyed my visit to CB's Nuts store also. Bravo to their team for creating such quality products! Thanks to Tara for the blog chat, her knowledge and the quick tour. I look forward to buying more of their fine products in the future.

My parting advice is to "GO NUTS" people!

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Tara A.R. Cason said...

Darci! I was so wonderful meeting you that Saturday! I didn't realize you were going to write a blog about that day!! Thank you so much for your kind comments and I'm glad you had fun! Better yet after looking for your blog (I didn't realize the "ask" part would be in french..) my boss showed it to me! So now I will check it often! So much great stuff! Smile!