Hanging out at the Dairy

Hanging out at the Dairy
Darci(far left) & the Wrights at the Creamery

Monday, June 13, 2011

Little orbs of sunshine

Little orbs of sunshine. That's what gorgeously fresh farm eggs are to me! How can one not marvel at the simplicity of an egg; it's color, shape, surface texture, the sunny yolk and the surrounding translucent white.
I haven't met the hens who laid these beauties yet but hope to soon. Their contributions are the highlight of most weekend breakfasts at our house, the days that you have time to cook without the time constraints and for the pure joy of the experience. Starting with simply pure and high quality ingredients is the key to my ideal meal and breakfast is no exception. If the eggs are the star, then make sure that they are the best eggs you can procure. Lucky me, lots of people raise chickens in Sequim and have little roadside stands. I have my favorites stands locally but the key is for the owners getting their chickens out in the grass to get those crazy, brilliant orange yolks.
The options are many for eggs but we mainly do poached at our house, we like to dunk in the runny yolks. Check out this really cool silicone mold, no mess but it took a LONG time to cook the egg compared to the "free swim" approach. I'm not the most patient in the am-just ask my family:)
We like to do Huevos Rancheros at our house with Chorizo from Sunny Farms, beans I've cooked from Sunny Farms and Jose's Fresh Salsa. For those of you who like to chunkier, pico de gallo style, uber-fresh salsa Jose's is phenomenal! It's available at many grocers in the Seattle area too and it's made right here in Sequim by Jose Garcia, wife Angee and their kids!!
Yesterday, we kept it simple. Poached eggs, Fletcher's pepper bacon, toasted Pane d'Amore french bread with Sunny Farm's farm butter and some raspberry jam. 

Good eggs just make me happy, like a little ray of sunshine to our morning meal.

Here's to walking on the sunny side of life my friends! LOL!

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