Hanging out at the Dairy

Hanging out at the Dairy
Darci(far left) & the Wrights at the Creamery

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

 It's not been your "typical" Spring weather this year in Sequim, WA; cooler and wetter than usual. This isn't exactly the best weather trend to one who longs to scratch in her garden without wearing Gortex and long underwear!
So instead of "making lemonade" out of the current showery forecast, I thought of a book my son and I read and watched during our sunny Spring Break; Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs! Smiling at the thought of our wacky weather, I literally "made some meatballs" or at least a nice spaghetti with meat sauce. Sometimes I make sauce completely from scratch but yesterday was nice in the morning, so I weeded part of my garden in the moderately warm sunlight and didn't start my sauce early enough in the day.
To my quick fixes,the pantry and freezer, out came dried pasta, 2 jars of already made spaghetti sauce, a can of organic tomato chunks, a pound of Sunny Farms ground pork and some of my families grass-fed ground hamburger. Out to my herb garden for snips of rosemary and oregano and several toes of fresh garlic and an onion from the produce basket on my kitchen counter. The meats thawed and were added to the now translucent chopped onion, fresh herbs and garlic, already at work in my generous saute pan. Sea salt and pepper were ground over the browning meats, then the sauces, then half the can of tomatoes. I have a already mentioned HUGE saute pan so feel free to adjust the quantities to fit your cooking gear.

The finished pasta was topped with ladles of this chunky read goodness and finished with a dose of fresh graded Parmesan cheese. YUM, dinner is served! Who knows...tomorrow's weather might bring rivers of maple syrup or snow mashed potatoes:) Bring it on!!!

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